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” S’habiller mieux pour être plus heureux “

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Homme en costume - Style classique
Sando - Outbespoken - Interview

what is elegance for you?

Anything brown! Starting strong here with a bad joke, but I do have an affinity for earth tones.

Joking aside, I assume you get a similar version of this answer often, but to me it is a way of being, especially in  the way you treat yourself and others around you. 


I have a very holistic view of this which might not be palatable to everyone and it is by no means to say that you always need to get it right all the time. But it’s something to aim for.

For mental elegance: chivalry and the stoic virtues; wisdom, justice, temperance, and courage.

For outwards elegance: what you wear, how you wear it and the state of what you wear. 


Elegance of mind, action and appearance. 

To put it this way, there is nothing elegant about an elegantly dressed man or woman being rude to others, nor is it particularly elegant to dress elegant in badly treated clothes. 

why try to be elegant in today’s society?

Taking into account what my view of elegance is, being elegant is important because it has such a positive impact on every aspect of your life.

Your self-confidence, how people perceive and treat you, not to mention how you treat them.

Homme en costume - Style classique
Homme en costume - Style classique

to be elegant today is to be classic or to be rebellious?

They are not mutually exclusive, I think it is a little bit of both, but this definitely depends on where you’re starting from. Because classic menswear is tied down by so many rules, for me being somewhat rebellious has been an inevitable part of finding my elegance.


That said, I think being rebellious is not timeless, so for it to be elegant you have to filter out the parts that fit in with classic style.


If I was to assess my own way of doing just this an example could be wearing a leather Perfecto jacket with a shirt, high waisted wool trousers and loaders. To me this is elegance with elements of rebelliousness.

Homme en costume - Style classique
Sando - Outbespoken - Interview
Homme en costume - Style classique
Sando - Outbespoken - Interview

can comfortable style definitely sweep away classic elegance? (what about the craftsmanship and slow fashion / Style?)

Classic elegance is comfortable in my opinion. At least that is my conclusion the way I wear it.

I’ll conflate the term “comfortable style” with fast fashion and generally lower quality clothing and say that of course quality is a big factor here, so in terms of “comfortable style” being more accessible, there might be something to that statement.

That said, classic style, as the name suggests, is timeless, so don’t expect it to suddenly go away anytime soon.

For people like me whom are obsessed with details like shoulder construction, lapel roll, how fabric drapes and so on, such craftsmanship can only be found in classic menswear. I think rather than us leaning into “comfortable style” and what that entails, conversely we’re already seeing a trend towards the artisans of classic menswear picking up “comfortable style”, making it better, more long lasting and more fitting to a classic menswear wardrobe. Some quick examples being bespoke shoemakers crafting sneakers or a shirt jacket made in a high-twist wool.

Homme en costume - Style classique
Homme en costume - Style classique

A new impetus today among young people?

I do see it already. I think what I just mentioned about sneakers and shirt jackets is a sign that not just are they starting to embrace it but also adding their colours to it. 


As the workplace gradually became more casual since a decade or two ago, I think that freedom has eventually lead a lot of people back to classic menswear. In addition, there is a general sense of people having the freedom to express themselves. So, although classic menswear might not ever reach what it used to be, it will most definitely continue to have its place in society. 


Be kind, fair and open. When it comes to style and elegance, focus on yourself not others. 

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